Rubisco foods opens factory for high-quality fractionated vegetable protein

March 17, 2020

March 2020

From onion peeling to cabbage leaves and water lentils: in their brand new multifunctional plant in Raalte (The Netherlands), Rubisco Foods, Foodvalley Member, are processing various types of vegetable residual streams into ‘green’ protein and other high-quality ingredients. The factory was officially opened on 5 March 2020 by Tijs de Bree, a representative of the Province of Overijssel.

High quality, sustainable protein concentrates

Rubisco Foods produces high-quality food-grade ingredients using products from local growers and residual flows from the vegetable processing industry: vegetable, clean label and organic (Skal) certified. “Imagine protein concentrate from water lentils, suitable for meat substitutes and protein shakes, with a protein percentage of up to 75% and an amino acid composition comparable to that of whey,” illustrates Hans Derksen, co-founder and director of Rubisco. Another example is protein concentrate from onions, which contain umami components that can be used as flavour enhancers in, for example, salt-reduced products.