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About us

The Protein Community (TPC) is a platform with more than 140 partners set up in 2017 by Foodvalley NL, the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and Oost NL. TPC stems from the ‘Groene Eiwitversneller’, a pilot of 30 SMEs to test whether plant protein innovations could be accelerated to the market. The pilot was successful because there was a great balance of infrastructure, creativity and a diversity of stakeholders: from retailers to investors. The success was reason to scale up and internationalize, The Protein Community was born.

Join our TPC community and enjoy many benefits, such as matchmaking services with inspiring partners, capital, facilities, and in-depth events. Are you part of The Protein Community yet?

TPC is a global platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers and other stakeholders looking for ready-made plant-based, vegan or vegetarian solutions. It enables them to expand their business and meet the changing consumer demand for a healthier and more sustainable diet with more plant-based products.

TPC helps current and future suppliers of plant protein ingredients, intermediates, consumer products and technologies develop and commercialize their innovative products.

With a long track record of delivering sustainable, plant-based protein solutions, TPC fits in with the Netherlands’ world leadership position in this rapidly growing field. By providing ready-to-use ingredients, products, technologies and services, TPC-partners contributes to accelerating the protein shift to sustainable plant proteins.