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Innovation during a transition can be difficult. Sometimes challenges can be too complicated to tackle on your own. The Protein Community (TPC) is a safe environment where you can partner up on your ideas and find inspiration from each other. We do this by providing the right support and by creating a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on the same topic.

The Protein Community is the biggest protein community from The Netherlands. Worldwide, we have more than 100 TPC partners. As TPC partner, you’ll enjoy many benefits, such as matchmaking services with inspiring partners, capital, facilities, and in-depth events. Are you part of The Protein Community yet?

Matchmaking services

Is your business focused on plant proteins and do you want your business to develop, scale up or market your business idea? The Protein Community connects you to the right partners, capital, unique facilities which will accelerate your business.

Network events and in-depth webinars

Each year, four live events are organised specifically for our TPC partners. During the events, the latest developments within the plant protein market are discussed, partners share their knowledge and a lot of time is set aside for networking. In addition, webinars are given where an even deeper dive is taken into the world of plant proteins.

Personal advise from experts

How do you do it? Make your start-up profitable, or use your existing facilities for plant proteins instead of animal ones? Foodvalley NL helps you with this, bringing our and other partners' expertise on the table. We give personal advise and offer solutions to difficult questions. We have the knowledge to help you make the (next) step to plant proteins.


The Protein Community likes to give the stage to you. This means that we introduce you to other partners through our newsletter, media channels and events. There is also the opportunity to present your company and its ideas to other partners.

Request membership

Because The Protein Community is an initiative of Foodvalley NL your membership is through Foodvalley NL. This means your membership is not limited to TPC but also includes all services of Foodvalley NL.

Everyone with the right mindset that want to actively contribute to the community can become part of TPC. When you apply you will be invited by Foodvalley NL for a conversation: we would like to know on why you want to participate and how TPC can help you. 

This way Foodvalley NL can ensure that:

  • Every community partner has the right mindset and background for active involvement. 
  • That the right mix of companies / organisations participate.

As community partner, you pay an annual fee based on your type of organisation.