More than 100 partners joined our event ‘Redefining the protein industry’

June 9, 2022

June 2022

Together with more than 100 Foodvalley partners, The Green East and Province Overijssel we held a hybrid Protein Community event about ‘Redefining the protein industry’. The event took place at The Green East, Raalte.

During the event, we looked back at the developments in the past five years within the protein transition. We also looked at the future, the role of sustainable energy and market data. Together we dove into the trends of meat replacements, technology shifts (what is the impact on existing machines and techniques?), plant-based dairy, new business models with locally produced products, self-sufficient, upgrading from raw materials to ingredients and connecting with processors. 



Demand for alternative proteins has skyrocketed in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue growing. This encompasses enormous potential for new business opportunities and sustainability alike. However, production demands higher quality ingredients, but availability of knowledge, technology and facilities lags behind. This roadblock is occurring more frequently throughout the entire chain, from resource production to processing and distribution, slowing the rate of new product introductions to consumer markets.


The Protein Community

In The Protein Community partners can partner up on ideas and find inspiration from each other. Foodvalley NL provides professional community management with proper scouting of new community partners, organising and preparing community sessions. Partners are informed on our latest initiatives and can provide direct feedback. On top of that they get access to our innovation platform, for facts and figures, partners, funding opportunities and facilities.

Interested in joining The Protein Community? Contact Leo Koning for more information.

The Protein Community has worldwide more than 100 TPC partners. As TPC partner, you’ll enjoy many benefits, such as matchmaking services with inspiring partners, capital, facilities, and in-depth events. Are you part of The Protein Community yet?