TPC with 12 partners at FiE Frankfurt 2023

August 16, 2023

Shared booth at Food Ingredients Europe 2023

The Protein Community, in collaboration with Oost NL and Topsector, is participating in the Food Ingredients Fair in Frankfurt (FiE) with a shared booth featuring 12 partners. FiE is renowned as one of the food industry’s most significant and largest trade shows and takes place from 28 to 30 November 2023. Present at the stand will be: Bflike, Bösch Boden Spies, Cano-ela, Entobreed, Greencovery, Greenfood50, NoPalm-Ingredients, Ojah, Peelpioneers, Phycom, Schouten, Time Travelling Milkman. For more information about TPC at the FiE and an updated programme, visit the website of Foodvalley.

Why FiE?

Food ingredients fairs play a vital role in driving the protein transition by promoting sustainable ingredients, encouraging innovation, facilitating collaboration, and raising awareness about the importance of adopting more sustainable dietary patterns. These events serve as a nexus for industry players to come together, share ideas, and collectively work on the protein transition. 

TPC, Oost NL and Topsecter provide a shared booth for 12 partners. This creates a dynamic and cost-effective platform for partners to engage, learn, and succeed at the fair, while promoting the Netherlands as the place to be for plant-based protein innovation.

Novel Food: Curse or Blessing?

August, 14 2023

19 september 2023: Novel Food, curse or blessing?

While embracing novel food drives innovation and fosters a resilient and ecologically responsible protein sector, businesses must navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensure food safety, gain market acceptance, and scale their products effectively. This Acceleration Session, organised by The Protein Community and the province of Noord Brabant, addresses these challenges and explores the potential of new food products. Register on Foodleap now!

Important Note: This event is exclusively intended for partners of The Protein Community and associates of the Noord-Brabant province. If you haven’t joined as a partner yet, kindly reach out to Leo Koning, the community manager, at

Noord-Branbant and food innovation

Noord-Brabant has a reputation as a thriving hub for food innovation, with a strong focus on research and development, making it an ideal place for cutting-edge food technologies and sustainable practices. As interest in plant-based protein sources continues to grow, various innovations are being developed in the province and beyond, such as Algae-based foods, Novel plant varieties, and Nanotechnology-based foods. Many of these alternative protein sources fall into the category of novel food.


  • Guided tour in Cosun Innovation Center.
  • Province of Noord-Brabant: Overview of food innovations in the region.
  • Spot Innovation, Gertjan Smolders: What is novel food? How to create a smooth product & innovation process.
  • Cosun Protein, Marcel v.d. Vaart: Learnings during the EFSA approval process of RuBisCO
  • AKD, Barbara Mutsaers: what has changed the last 2-3 years and how to anticipate on that?
  • Biorefinery Solutions, Hans Derksen: The successful approach to an EFSA awarded “Water Lentil Protein Concentrate” as food-safe.
  • The Greenup Company, Danielle Mol: Continue to grow into the most valuable partner of your customers with novel food, a commercial perspective.