January 19, 2022

Angry Camel interview: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”

Angry Camel consists of two enthusiastic entrepreneurs Kotaiba and Bakr, originally from the Middle East. Although they both came from the Middle East, Kotaiba lives in Sweden while Bakr lives in Germany. Both want to bring innovative oriental healthy snacks and superfoods to the market.

Challenge the existing snacking ecosystem

Kotaiba studied for a Ph.D. in service marketing and management with a focus on food ecosystem innovation and previously worked in logistics, sales and marketing. Bakr studied food technology and worked for a Swiss company as a packaging manager. Angry Camel aims to challenge the existing snacking ecosystem and create value for farmers, producers and increase the well-being and health of consumers.
Angry Camel is a nascent idea, ready to take a step into the market. The transition in the protein market to a more sustainable food value chain requires different approaches and many innovative minds. To bring their idea to market, that’s what they were looking for and that is exactly what Angry Camel found at Foodvalley NL; a global network of food companies, scientists and researchers.

Seeking expertise and knowledge

“We believe in building bridges and sharing knowledge and experiences, regardless of geographical location. Therefore, we seek expertise and knowledge on new methods for protein and superfood production. We came across Foodvalley and TPC when we searched on Google. Foodvalley’s profile was interesting in terms of the services they offer, particularly the shared facility and the potential for scalability. In addition, the Netherlands is known for their innovative food ecosystems and the advanced technology in producing and processing the food. We found this an interesting fact and a motivation for us to be part of The Protein Cluster”, tells Kotaiba and Bakr.

What Angry Camel brings to the community

Angry Camel brings to The Protein Cluster a unique take on oriental snacks and super foods. And hopes to overcome unsustainable food practices with their solution and provide the world’s growing population with delicious and healthy snacks.