April 3, 2023

Impact for the protein transition: collaboration between The Protein Community and FoodDelta Zeeland

The Protein Community and the network organization FoodDelta Zeeland are collaborating to support companies in Zeeland in their protein transition. The shift from animal to more plant-based and aquatic proteins offers various possibilities and opportunities. Combining the triple helix collaboration of FoodDelta Zeeland with their ambition to make Zeeland a Protein Delta, along with the international network and activities of The Protein Community, is a significant step forward.

Under the name Protein Delta Zeeland, Zeeland is positioning itself as a province where collaborating food-producing chains fully utilize the possibilities of combining sea and land, and plant and animal as a source for sustainable proteins. Zeeland is making a visible contribution to the change in the consumer’s (protein) menu.

Johan Dourleijn, director of the network agency of FoodDelta Zeeland, says, “Within FoodDelta Zeeland, companies, knowledge institutions, and governments work together to bring innovation in the entire food-producing chain. With our ambition of Protein Delta Zeeland, we want to encourage the use of sustainable proteins from land and sea on the consumer’s plate. I am delighted that we have a partner in The Protein Community, who wants to use their expertise and activities to support provincial collaborations.”

The aim of The Protein Community (TPC) is to facilitate companies in their activities in the protein transition. “This includes connecting companies to share knowledge and accelerate the development of new and tasty products. It can also involve finding suitable production locations and sharing knowledge about technologies, suppliers, and customers. This happens in mutual consultation and confidentiality, where TPC works to import and export both knowledge and products from and to companies in Zeeland via this international network,” says Leo Koning, Community Manager of TPC.

The collaboration will involve concrete activities for relevant companies. For example, participation in the international food conference Plant Forward, which will take place on 18th April in Amsterdam, will be offered at a strongly reduced rate to FoodDelta Zeeland participants. TPC is a co-founder of PlantFWD. One-on-one conversations are also held with companies to clarify their specific needs and to increase the impact of the protein transition together.

FoodDelta Zeeland

Johan Dourleijn
Director network agency FoodDelta Zeeland
Tel. +31(0)613786282
More information: www.fooddeltazeeland.nl