October 31, 2022

Innogusto expands the range of attractive plant-based food concepts

Innogusto, a TPC-partner, has started Culivega. Culivega specializes in devising, developing and marketing 100% plant-based, traditional meal components for the food service sector and meal producers. Culivega consists of half Innogusto (Carola and Mattèo Piano) and half of Productief Holding BV (Richard van der Zande, CEO Elstar Catering). Carola and Mattèo can now concentrate on plant-based concept development (R&D and Branding) and on business development. Both the production and commercial activities related to the plant-based meal components of RESTOPIA® and RESTOPIA® Professional brands are transferred to Culivega. Henk van Beek, director of Culivega BV, is contact person for commercial matters. Henk has many years of experience in the ready-to-eat meals sector for the food service and can be reached via h.vanbeek@culivega.com

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