May 31, 2023

New partners in the spotlight

Today in the spotlight: The Future of Food Institute, Agua Foods, and Moulins Kleinbettingen! We are very happy to welcome these three organizations in The Protein Community. They bring expertise, innovation, and dedication to the industry, just like our other (new) partners. 

The Future of Food Institute helps sustainable food companies to innovate faster and communicate with greater impact by providing insights into consumer behavior. Agua Foods specializes in plant-based seafood products and aims to alleviate the strain on unsustainable aquatic food systems by gradually transitioning consumers to plant-based alternatives. Moulins Kleinbettingen, with their heritage in grain milling, produces high-quality plant-based protein ingredients.

These new partners will shape the future of protein, driving sustainability, diversity, and nutritional excellence. Watch the videos below to learn more about these organisations, what their challenges are and what they bring to The Protein Community.