October 18, 2023

New Project Coordinator: Suzan D'Rose

What drives you? Why do you work for The Protein Community? 

My interest in the protein transition and plant-based diets started with my love for animals which turned me into a vegetarian a long time ago. Then, during my BSc and MSc degree in Nutrition & Health at Wageningen University, I gained knowledge on the health benefits and the environmental benefits of a more plant-based diet. The protein transition topic also became the focal point of both my theses and my internship. Therefore, I am very happy to join Foodvalley and to support The Protein Community as it relates directly to my academic studies, and I can contribute to a more sustainable food system!


What will be your roll at TPC? What can people contact you for? 

I will primarily take over the role of Project Coordinator for TPC, which involves the website, The Protein Community on Foodleap and the TPC newsletter. I will also assist in the onboarding of new community partners. Additionally, I will be responsible for organizing TPC events, including the upcoming community event on November 16th. If you have inquiries about this event or any other TPC-related matters, please don’t hesitate to contact me: suzan.drose@foodvalley.nl