December 14, 2022

News with regards to Foodleap

Hi my name is Guido Laman. I work as strategy lead at Foodvalley and as a project leader of Foodleap. As partners with community benefits you have access to an experimental version of Foodleap since May 2022. Now we are looking forward to present you an updated 2.0 version of Foodleap.

Foodleap what’s that again?

Till now Foodleap mainly functioned as a place for community partners to exchange information and ideas. However, the platform will have a far broader function in the future.
Foodleap is an online network that offers you the possibility to find and interact with interesting partners. By just entering your needs, Foodleap will present available contact persons, specified on for example a specific topic, region, technology, or type of actor. However, the platform is not only a search engine, but also a lively platform to ask questions and share your ideas. It gives you a great opportunity to discuss earlier findings or reach out to contacts within the Foodleap network. Your most relevant partners are only a few clicks away.

What will you notice?

In the past year we developed the following:

  • We updated the user interface to be more user friendly. We scraped a lot of clutter in the interface to make sure you can find key functions.
  • We updated 150 organisational and shared facility profiles to make sure the search engine and taxonomy behind it works properly. This has been a monumental task that we will continue to be doing in the next months. You will still be able to check, update or improve the profiles of your organisation yourselves but we as Foodvalley wanted to provide you the service of doing most of ground. When you still miss organisations. Please let us know via get help button ‘?’ on Foodleap or via your community manager. We will try to add them on the platform and approach them to join
  • We removed the community message board on the short term, so we only have the general message board. We did this to make sure you don’t have to ask your question on four different message boards. When the main message board starts to get cluttered, we can add more specific message boards if necessary.
  • It might be the case that you have to login / register again on the homepage of Foodleap when you are following a link towards a specific page. Please do so, to get directed to the right information .

What next?

  • We will do some internal user testing during December and January to make sure everything works properly.
  • When we are satisfied about the product. We will start to onboard more users on Foodleap so you we can broaden you search range. During
    is time we will constantly validate the user experience and do bug fixing to give you the best possible experience.
  • When this pilot phase is successful, we will start to add additional features. The sky is the limit, but we will get back to you on that.


Please send an e-mail to if you need support with registration or if you have another practical question. Please contact your Community Manager if you have specific questions about information regarding the Community and / or contact that you would like to be facilitated in.