March 14, 2023

Online Recap German Plant-Based protein Market

On 28 March an online recap of the workshop: Opportunities in Germany took place. This online recap provided the chance to ask questions about entering and growing on the German plant-based protein market. Jochem Wolthuis discussed the most important findings of the previous workshop. 

Germany is by far the largest market in Europe for plant-based meat-, fish- and dairy alternatives and an important catalyst for product development and sales in the protein transition. Entering the German market can be difficult due to differences in regulations, consumers, and ways of doing business.  

Insights online recap Opportunities in Germany:

  • Locality is very important. If you have a ‘local’ product, it is likely to do well in the German market.
  • There are creative business opportunities. One participant asked, “how do I sell my ready-made meals in Germany?” You could think about online supermarkets like Picnic, maybe Oda. But there is also the possibility of getting in touch with this young German entrepreneur. He made a good deal with a delivery service and now sells potatoes online through his own web shop. That might also be an option, Jochem suggests.
  • Animal welfare  is more important to most consumers than in The Netherlands. 
  • Packaging remains an issue as the rules in Germany is different. Fortunately, guidelines can be found online

This event is organised in collaboration with Oost NL /GO4EXPORT 

This workshop is only the start of the Germany programme. More will follow this year:  

  • 1-day tour to visit German retail + plant-based protein companies
  • FoodHub NRW – Startup Fair in Düsseldorf
  • Anuga in Cologne, the world’s largest food fair (visit)​
    7/10 oct
  • Stand at the Food Ingredients in Frankfurt
    28-29-30 nov
  • 3 day ‘trade mission to Germany’ with RVO and Embassy, around FI in Frankfurt.​
    28-29-30 nov
  • 3 Webinars met uitkomsten enquete prof Ritter icm RVO
  • Producttesting in German supermarket Go2Market.
  • 0,5-day co-creation workshop at the ProXES Technology Center in Hamelin or Neuenburg

The activities of the Germany Programme are open to everyone. Partners from The Protein Community will find more information in the upcoming newsletters. Please contact if you don’t have access to this information but are interested to join.