January 17, 2022

Ostara interview: Striving for sustainability with three main pillars

Ostara Innovations B.V. focuses on innovating technologies in the field of agri-food and nutrition. They do this by identifying new and exciting research opportunities for the downstream Agri-Tech industry and use their ability to support renowned institutions working on sustainable solutions for the future.

Ideas, Research and Development

Ostara looks for the right idea that fits their values and has potential to become a fully developed product. Furthermore, they support research in downstream agricultural technology, giving the product a chance in modern marketplaces and with conscious consumers. They also support research and development of the ideas they fund and provide end-to-end support to build a prototype of the idea, which can then be scaled up with further collaboration.

“Ostara’s impact goals are focused on achieving efficiency and sustainability in three key pillars: the protein transition, circular agriculture and plant biotechnology applications. The current growth of the world’s population is putting enormous pressure on the food system and on our planet. With a world population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, we need a 56% increase in food production and 593 million hectares of land to grow the food (150x times the Netherlands)”, adds serial entrepreneur Tarun Reddy.

A natural step

Joining The Protein Cluster was a natural step for Ostara. “Our office is located on the Wageningen campus, so it was a natural next step to join Foodvalley NL and The Protein Cluster. With our expertise in innovative food, protein transition and nutrition and circular agriculture, we found clear synergies to join Foodvalley NL and further expand our network with startups, MNCs and universities that are in the ecosystem.”, explains Tarun Reddy.

What Ostara Innovations B.V. brings to the community

Although Ostara has only been in existence for three years, it has a wealth of knowledge to offer. For example, Ostara has executives with more than twenty years of experience in technology licensing. Mainly around sectors such as F&A, nutrition, sustainable proteins, agricultural sciences, feed additives and pharmaceuticals.