December 12, 2022

Plant based meat grows on the farm

In a meeting with the Fabulous Farm, one of the 120 TPC-partners, Marc van Lierop mentioned a project to inform schoolchildren in Spain about their products. To share their experience, I asked Marc some questions to explain more about this wonderful project.

What is the name of the project and what is included?

The name of the project is “Hamburgers are growing at the Farm!”. It is a kit that we developed for primary schools. Each kit contains one fable book, for the teachers to read out loud, soy seeds, placemats and an activity book for each kid, with puzzles, riddles, a colouring page, a guide how to grow their soy seeds and a recipe to prepare their own vegan burger.

How did you come up with this idea?

Unlike in Holland, children in Spain have their warm lunch at school. Meat and Fish are standard elements of their meals and vegan lunches are rare. In addition, children are very pure, they like something or they find disgusting, but in any case they stay away from the sometimes hard political debate that is being conducted everywhere in Spain (after all Spain is the country with the most meat consumption per capita in Europe). Our idea is to introduce them in a natural and playful way that a plant-based piece of meat can be very tasty.

When is it available, for who and where?

We will roll out the activity and supply the schookits from January onwards on primary schools in Barcelona and surroundings.

Did you develop this by yourself, or did you get help/funding or…?

All material was developed in house with the help of a befriended illustrator who regularly makes drawings for our brand communication.

What is the desired outcome?

Our expectations are high and we hope that we can soon introduce our kits and Ana and her friends (the main characters), to more schools and in other parts of Spain as well. One thing is certain, children will always have a role in our activities, so given our growth, we expect that we will soon have to translate the material and the fable into other languages as well. We would be happy to do so, because after all, we are Fabulous!

For more info, please email to Marc van Lierop: