May 31, 2022

Programme announced of TPC event ‘Redefining the protein industry’

An exclusive The Protein Community event ‘Redefining the Protein Industry’ will be held on Thursday 16 June from 14.30 – 16.45 CEST, in cooperation with the province of Overijssel. Our TPC event will be hybrid. Protein Community Partners are most welcome to attend our event at The Green East, Drosteweg 6 – 8, Raalte. Please indicate at registration if you want to attend the event on site or online. Note: there is room for approximately 50 partners, full is full.
For partners attending the event online, a live video link will follow.




Jeroen Willemsen (Foodvalley) and Eddy van Hijum, Deputy at the Province of Overijssel

Deep dive into

1. Meat: The journey from a meat production company to a successful 100% plant-based meat analogues food group.

Bobeldijk Food group, Remko Vogelenzang

2. Dairy: What are the ingredients for product development and market introduction for new plant-based dairy products?

Boermarke, Reynier Varvik

3. Technology: How to transform production facilities for meat and dairy products into high tech facilities for plant-based products?

GEA, Engeering for a better world, Gerben Kiers

4. Market Data: Facts and figures about plant-based products that Redefined the Protein Industry including future projections and trends.

Mintel, Global market research, Rick Miller (UK)

5. Local production: Production and development of plant-based products in high-tech laboratory.

The Green East, Erik Doorenspleet & Rubisco Foods, Sjoerd Jansen

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Please note: this event is exclusively for TPC-partners and for relations from the Province of Overijssel.

If you are not a TPC-partner but would like to attend this event, please send an email to

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