January 2, 2024

Networking and Inspiration Visit to Denmark

We invite our TPC-partners to join us on March 17-20 (2024) on a visit to Denmark. This visit is planned with the goal to network and get inspired in the field of protein transition. This visit is organized by the Province of Noord-Holland, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate and OostNL. 

This mission offers a chance to explore Denmark’s advancements in protein transition. This collaborative initiative, involving public and private entities, focuses on sharing knowledge and business opportunities within the protein ecosystem.

The mission involves visits to key locations like the Food Expo in Herning, the Agro Food Park in Aarhus, and engagements with Danish government bodies, fostering valuable insights and networking opportunities.

TPC-partners can sign up and find more information here.

If you are not a TPC-partner but interested in joining, please send a message to Leo Koning.