October 11, 2023

Put Yourself on the map

Put yourself on the Protein Transition Map NL together with more than 400 actors and initiatives working towards an economically healthy future for proteins.

The Protein Transition Map NL highlights the efforts of over 400 actors and initiatives dedicated to reshaping the protein landscape towards a more sustainable and economically healthy future. 

The Protein Transition Map NL, scheduled for launch in 2024, serves two primary objectives:

  1. Global Exposure: It provides a unique portal for international stakeholders seeking sustainable protein solutions, thus opening up the Dutch ecosystem to the world.
  2. Economic Impact Assessment: By collecting, analysing, and aggregating data from featured actors, the map offers valuable insights into the economic implications of the Dutch protein transition. Users can access actor-specific information on their solutions and aggregated economic data at both national and provincial levels. This facilitates the monitoring of long-term trends and informs policymakers about the progress in achieving the goals outlined in the National Protein Strategy. Additionally, it supports the initiation of impactful programs aimed at driving this transition forward.

To delve deeper into the details and understand the advantages of being part of this initiative, we invite you to explore the website