February 7, 2023

Redefine Meat: the fifth and final speaker at the TPC Texturization event

Soon, the exclusive The Protein Community (TPC) partner event “Texturization: Creating Tasty Plant-Based Food” will take place. And we have big news! In addition to the four speakers that were already confirmed, we have the pleasure to announce the fifth and final speaker of this afternoon: Redefine Meat! 

Redefine Meat
By using cutting edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D-printing, Redefine Meat can mimic the texture of muscles, fats and blood, resulting in plant-based meat that is ‘Precisely the same, but entirely different’. Especially Redefine Meat’s remarkable mission, vision and market approach have led to the great success of this company. In only 12 months the steaks of Redefine Meat have made a big impression on chefs throughout Europe. For more information, see the video below.

On-location tickets sold out, but unlimited online spots! 
This TPC event is a hybrid event. However, all on-location tickets are sold out. But do not worry! Online we have an unlimited number of spots. TPC-partners have received the link to register via email.

Did you lose the link to register? Send a mail to event@foodvalley.nl and we will put you on the list. 


  • Walk-in with drinks
  • Opening
    Leo Koning, TPC Community Manager at Foodvalley NL
  • Welcome by the Foodvalley Region
  • Deep dive into:
    • Meat Angus, a ‘whole different animal’ created by Redefine Meat
      Redefine Meat, Rene Van Den Cruijsem, 3D-printing
      How the steaks of Redefine Meat made a big impression on chefs across Europe, in only 12 months.
    • Plant Protein Texturization Challenge: live ‘cooking’ with ingredients
      Future Foods BV, Henk Hoogenkamp, High Moisture Extrusion (HME)
      Do you know what High Moisture Extrusion (HME) can do for your ingredients and products? 
    • Unique textures based on multifunctional fruit Fibers and Pectins
      Herbafood Ingredients GmBH, Noa Bastiaans, Fibers and pectins. Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a producer of high-quality multifunctional food ingredients of plant origin. Discover how fruit fibers and pectins can enrich the textures of plant-based products.
    • Whole-cut specialities with remarkable texture, taste and juiciness from Shear Cell Technology
      Rival Foods, Birgit Dekkers, Shear Cell Technology
      Shear Cell Technology combines heat, pressure, and a low shear force to turn a variety of plant-based ingredients into juicy protein products. This results in a completely new plant-based eating experience.
    • Fermentation for Beasty flavors and Cheesy textures.
      SmaakPark, Christian Weij, Fermentation
      A natural way of texturization and creating flavor that has been used for ages. Christian dives into this process and explains how fermentation can help in creating meat-like flavours and different textures, like cheese and spreads textures.
  • Networking (exclusively on-site)
    Christian Weij, owner of SmaakPark and well-known for his innovative cooking skills, will prepare plant-based snacks during the network session, partially based on ingredients provided by TPC partners.

Please note: this event is exclusively for TPC-partners and for relations from the Regio Foodvalley. If you are not a TPC-partner but would like to attend this event, please send an email to leo.koning@foodvalley.nl

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