October 27, 2022

Update from CO-FRESH: product innovations with Dutch grown Faba beans

In this EU-funded project about food sustainablity, 7 partners from TPC participate to speed up innovations with Faba beans from the Netherlands. The participants are Agriservice Lindenhols, Meelunie, Multiflour, MFH-Pulses, Ojay, Keygene, Codrico and knowledge partners Wageningen University and Louis Bolk Institute. Now we have entered the second phase of the project, where the partners have selected 2 innovations:
1) Create a mimic meat by means of minimal processing e.g. fermentation 2) Develop better product recognition and create a local brand to support innovation number 1). The coming months, workplans must be defined. Want to know more? Check the website or contact Leo Koning, pilot case leader.

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