May 30, 2022

Podcast: Listen to heart-to-heart conversations about the protein transition in the Netherlands

Foodvalley NL produces a series of podcasts in 2022. In this series, you can listen to candid conversations between different game changers on topics concerning a more resource-efficient, healthy and sustainable food system. With insights, tips and inspiration Foodvalley NL offers insights to professionals who want to work on the transition to a sustainable food system. What developments has the protein transition made in recent years? Where are we now? And what place will plant proteins have in the future? 

About the podcast series

Restoring the protein balance, towards a sustainable balance in the production and consumption of animal and plant protein. The ‘protein-rich’ Netherlands has been working on the protein transition since 2000. Efforts by all chain partners have helped accelerate the transition. The experiences, insights and visions offer support and inspiration for the future. What have we learned in the past 20 years and how can we shape the protein transition in the next 20 years? In short: 20 years of protein transition in the Netherlands, from 2000 to 2040.

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