December 13, 2022

Willem Paulus, new member of the TPC steering committee

We are happy to introduce Willem Paulus as our new member of the TPC steering committee. He will replace Jans Hoekman in January 2023, who was active in the steering committee since TPC started in 2017. Many thanks to Jans for his commitment and great ideas. You really helped our partners in the community and other stakeholders to make a big impact with the Protein Transition.

About Willem Paulus

My name is Willem Paulus and I started working at Oost NL since April 1 2022 as a Business Developer for the ‘Perspectief Fonds Gelderland’. This fund focuses on investing in accelerating and strengthening the innovative power of companies that deal with major social challenges such as energy transition, climate adaptation, circular economy, biodiversity, accessibility, and the living environment. Both social and economic returns are important in the investments we make.

Given my background, my focus within the fund is mainly on the agri-food sector. After my studies in Wageningen, I have lived and worked in various countries for the past 10 years, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Ghana. In these countries I have mainly been involved in making ambitious plans in the agri-food sector financeable. Often in public-private combinations of the Dutch business community (e.g. Bavaria, Maas International, Tony’s Chocolonely) and local governments or social institutions.

Oost NL strongly believes in the importance of the protein transition. It is for that reason that we are currently discovering several investment opportunities within this area. I look forward to representing Oost NL in The Protein Community and helping entrepreneurs with their ambitions in the transition.