March 14, 2023

Workshop: Opportunities in Germany

On March 8, TPC, OostNL and GO4EXPORT organised the workshop: Opportunities in Germany,  to successfully enter and grow your company in the German plant-based protein market. 

Germany is by far the largest market in Europe for plant-based meat-, fish- and dairy alternatives and an important catalyst for product development and sales in the protein transition. Entering the German market can be difficult due to differences in regulations, consumers, and ways of doing business.  

Insights workshop Opportunities in Germany 
More than 30 TPC partners joined the workshop. Six keynote speakers shared their knowledge of the German plant-based protein market; Dennis Kraaijeveld, Fred van der Velde, Martijn Bosmans, Dr. Professor Guido Ritter, Jochem Wolthuis and Jeroen Willemsen.  

 Key take aways:   

  • Germany has a ‘Eiweißpflanzenstrategie’  in place since 2012. The focus is on improving primary production through research. 
  • Germany faces challenges: Edible insects products have a low consumer acceptance. It is difficult to retain consumers when they no longer buy plant-based substitutes out of curiosity, which is now the main driver. Regional origin remains a key buying argument while Germany is far from self-sufficient.
  • In Germany, the retail looks different. There are four big retailers on the market and a lot of private label: that make organic and vegan products more affordable.
  • The Protein Transition is urgent. There wil be “only 27 harvests till 2050″, says Dr. Professor Guido Ritter. Maybe we should not only focus on plant-based proteins, but also alternative proteins. Interesting question arises from the public: Why are Germans so scared for the Umami taste? All products can be full of salt or sugar, but MSG or other flavour enhances are very scary to them. Ritter agrees, he sees possibilities for fermentation, that can create the umami taste as well.
  • Germany is not that far and not that different, it is not China, they are our neighbours”, says Martijn Bosmans. Should we combine the Dutch Inventiveness and Creativiness and the ‘Deutsche Gründlichkeit’?  Would that be the holy grail?

question to the audience:  Is it difficult to export to Germany? 
“Yes, you need endurance and the right contacts”, the audience concludes.  

That is why this workshop is only the start of the Germany programme. More will follow this year:  

  • Wrap-up Workshop: Ask Questions / Online
    March 28th (16.00-17.00) 
  • FoodHubub NRW – Startup Fair in Düsseldorf
    September 13th 
  • Anuga in Cologne, the world’s largest food fair (pavilion or visit)
    October 7-10th 
  • Food Ingredients in Frankfurt (pavilion or visit)
    November 28-30th 
  • 3 day ‘trade mission to Germany’ with RVO and Embassy, around FI in Frankfurt.
  • Join a 1-day tour to visit German retail + plant-based protein companies
    To be expected in the next quarter (Q2) of 2023

The activities of the Germany Programme are open to everyone. Partners from The Protein Community will find more information in the upcoming newsletters. Please contact if you don’t have access to this information but are interested to join.  


This event is organised in collaboration with Oost NL /GO4EXPORT