Workshop: opportunities in Germany

January 25, 2023

Workshop: opportunities in Germany

With 82 million inhabitants, Germany has five times as many consumers as the Netherlands. Moreover, consumption of plant-based alternatives is growing at a record pace; by more than €800 million per year. Germany is by far the largest market in Europe for plant-based meat-, fish- and dairy alternatives and an important catalyst for product development and sales in the protein transition.

Therefore TPC & OostNL /GO4EXPORT are launching a program to successfully enter & grow your company in the German plant-based protein market. The first workshop: ‘opportunities in Germany’ will be held on March 8 in Arnhem. You can register here.

 What consumer trends are there? Which German protein clusters exist and how can Dutch companies best position their new protein products? You will get the answers (and more!) during this workshop. There is room to ask your questions as well.

This workshop marks the launch of the Germany Protein Program 2023. We encourage you to attend from the beginning. On this day, we will also inform you about the other activities of the German Protein Program and you can give your input. The networking afterwards provides an opportunity to connect with other companies interested in entering the German market. And it is the opportunity to explore the possibilities of participating in a booth at Anuga (Keulen) or Food Ingredients (FI) Europe (Frankfurt).


14.00 – 14.30: walk-in

14.30 – 17.00: Several interactive sessions on the following topics:

  • The German Protein Transition,
    Dennis kraaijeveld – Agricultural Attaché bij Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Germany.
  • Sales channels; insight into structure German retail & foodservice.
    Jochem Wolthuis – Germany agri-food expert.
  • Alternative Proteins – Road to a new food system?
    Prof. Dr. Guido Ritter
  • Developments in the green protein landscape in the Netherlands.
    Dr. Ir. Fred van de Velde – Principal scientist Protein functionality. NIZO food research
  • First-hand experience on the German market.
    Martijn Bosman – Head of Development – Functional Ingredients at Bösch Boden Spies (BBS)
  • Preview of the rest of the German program

17.00 – 18.00: Networking with drinks & bites

17.00 – 18.00: Networking with drinks & bites 

This event is organised in collaboration with Oost NL /GO4EXPORT 

Visit Plant FWD on 18 April 2023 & attend the TPC Community Meeting in Amsterdam! 

January 24, 2023

Visit Plant FWD on 18 April 2023 & attend the TPC Community Meeting in Amsterdam!

 We are proud to announce that The Protein Community is a founding partner of Plant FWD. Plant FWD is a brand-new conference on the protein shift that aims to bring together start-ups, brands, investors, future talents, and other change-makers from around the globe to create a plant forward future together. 

During this full day event on 18 April, TPC organizes a Community Meeting as a Break-out session. TPC-partners can present their new innovations on stage in a 5 minute pitch. Send us an email if you are interested.   

At PlantFWD you get the opportunity to connect with policy makers, investors and corporates, meet the founders of promising start- and scale-ups and watch inspiring national and international speakers on strategy, branding, sales and consumer behavior for plant-based brands. Such as Martin Rinqvist, the Executive Creative Director at Oatly and Founder of the National Week without Meat & Dairy, Isable Boerdam. Next to that, you get the opportunity to showcase your own products and discover new ones in the Supermarket of the future.

Special offer for TPC-partners

The regular ticket price for Plant FWD 2023 is € 495 euro. As a founding partner of the event The Protein Community has negotiated a substantial discount for our partners. TPC-partners will receive a personal invitation with a link to buy tickets for the reduced price.  

Are you interested to present your innovation on stage during the Community Meeting at Plant FWD? Please contact Leo Koning, community manager, 

Note: You need a PlantFWD ticket to join the TPC-Community meeting.  The link to buy tickets for a reduced price can be found in The Protein Community on Foodleap

Visit the PlantFWD website to read more about the program and the speakers.

Protein-rich Fabaceae and the role of the Bean Deal

January 23, 2023

Protein-rich Fabaceae and the role of the Bean Deal

Our colleague Sylvia Raijmakers conducted research on the establishment of protein-rich Fabaceae in the Dutch food system last year. This research was part of her master thesis  and former internship at Foodvalley NL. The project is directly related to several of the initiatives Foodvalley NL and TPC-partners are involved in. For example, the establishment of the Producer Organisation Eiwitboeren van Nederland and the Green Deal Protein-Rich Crops, also known as the Bean Deal. The results of her research are available now. Curious what activities should be implemented to facilitate the establishment of protein-rich Fabaceae in the Dutch food system? Read it here! 

Meet new colleagues Sylvia Raijmakers & Eva Berends

January 20, 2023

Meet new colleagues Sylvia Raijmakers & Eva Berends

We are very happy to welcome two new Project Coordinators: Sylvia Raijmakers & Eva Berends. Both have been working at Foodvalley NL for several months. Below you can read what drives them and what their role is at The Protein Community.

What drives you? Why do you work for The Protein Community? 
Sylvia: Since I was young I have always been concerned with animal welfare. With the environmental impact of the livestock industry, and thus meat consumption, becoming more and more apparent, I became even more interested in plant-based diets. Therefore, during my master thesis I researched the establishment of protein-rich Fabaceae in the Dutch food system. I am very happy that by joining Foodvalley NL and supporting TPC and its partners on their journey, I can contribute to a more sustainable food system, where we rebalance the amount of plant and animal proteins in our diet.  

Eva: Having run a small start-up myself, I have experienced first-hand the importance of having a strong network, finding the right connections and collaborating with different parties. Without it, my company would never have been able to produce or market our product. I do my best to help TPC-partners find these connections too, within The Protein Community and beyond. I strongly believe that we need each other to accelerate the protein shift. That is why I am happy to be part of the TPC team.

What will be your roll at TPC? What can people contact you for?  
Sylvia: I will mainly be supporting the TPC team by organising events and composing interesting programs, such as the Germany Program. More specifically, I am organising the acceleration session on texturization to be held on the 15th of February at SmaakPark in Ede. I look forward to seeing many of you there! If you have any questions about this event or any other TPC-related question, please feel free to contact me. 

Eva: I am working on the website, on mailings and the onboarding of new partners. You will hear from me online and will most definitely see me at most of the TPC events. You can always contact me with question related to the mailings you receive (or should receive) or an TPC event.  

Get in touch

Sylvia Raijmakers (right)
Eva Berends (left)

TPC partner event “Texturization: Creating Tasty Plant-Based Food” on February 15th 2023

January 11, 2023

TPC partner event “Texturization: Creating Tasty Plant-Based Food”

On 15 February 2023 from 14:30 – 17:00 CET, an exclusive The Protein Community (TPC) partner event is organized: “Texturization: Creating Tasty Plant-Based Food”.

Texture is essential for the future of plant-based meat, dairy and fish. To encourage meat-, dairy- and fish-loving consumers to adopt a more plant-based diet, the mouthfeel and texture of plant-based variations must be at least as appealing as those of animal products. In recent years, mouthwatering progress is already made and we can’t wait for more. That is why TPC is organising this acceleration session.

Five speakers will share their experience about texturization trends & techniques, such as fermentation and Shear Cell Technology. This event includes a spectacular live demo in High Moisture Extrusion (HME) by Future Foods.

This TPC event will be hybrid and physical networking starts at 17:00. TPC partners are most welcome to attend our event at SmaakPark in Ede, the Netherlands. This event is organized in cooperation with “The Foodvalley Region”.

All TPC partners received an invitation with a registration link via e-mail. You can also register via our online community Foodleap. Please indicate at registration if you want to attend this event on site or online. Note: there is room for approximately 60 people on site. First come, first serve. For participants attending the event online, a live video link will follow.


  • Walk-in with drinks
  • Opening
    Leo Koning, TPC Community Manager at Foodvalley NL
  • Welcome by the Foodvalley Region
  • Deep dive into:
    • Meat Angus, a ‘whole different animal’ created by Redefine Meat
      Redefine Meat, Rene Van Den Cruijsem, 3D-printing
      How the steaks of Redefine Meat made a big impression on chefs across Europe, in only 12 months.
    • Plant Protein Texturization Challenge: live ‘cooking’ with ingredients
      Future Foods BV, Henk Hoogenkamp, High Moisture Extrusion (HME)
      Do you know what High Moisture Extrusion (HME) can do for your ingredients and products? TPC partners are more than welcome to bring ingredients which will be processed live in a High Moisture Extruder by Future Foods. If you are interested to supply your ingredients, please send an e-mail to, at the latest by 27January.
    • Unique textures based on multifunctional fruit Fibers and Pectins
      Herbafood Ingredients GmBH, Noa Bastiaans, Fibers and pectins. Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a producer of high-quality multifunctional food ingredients of plant origin. Discover how fruit fibers and pectins can enrich the textures of plant-based products.
    • Whole-cut specialities with remarkable texture, taste and juiciness from Shear Cell Technology
      Rival Foods, Birgit Dekkers, Shear Cell Technology
      Shear Cell Technology combines heat, pressure, and a low shear force to turn a variety of plant-based ingredients into juicy protein products. This results in a completely new plant-based eating experience.
    • Fermentation for Beasty flavors and Cheesy textures.
      SmaakPark, Christian Weij, Fermentation
      A natural way of texturization and creating flavor that has been used for ages. Christian dives into this process and explains how fermentation can help in creating meat-like flavours and different textures, like cheese and spreads textures.
  • Networking (exclusively on-site)
    Christian Weij, owner of SmaakPark and well-known for his innovative cooking skills, will prepare plant-based snacks during the network session, partially based on ingredients provided by TPC partners.

Please note: this event is exclusively for TPC-partners and for relations from the Regio Foodvalley. If you are not a TPC-partner but would like to attend this event, please send an email to

TPC partner event in cooperation with: