May 8, 2024

Two days at PLANT FWD

PLANT FWD 2024, a two-day event dedicated to advancing the shift towards plant-based protein consumption, unfolded on April 23 and 24. Bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders including startups, brands, retailers, foodservice professionals, policymakers, investors, and emerging talents, the event was jointly founded by The Protein Community (TPC) and prominently featured on the agenda. Here are the key highlights:

International Debut of the Protein Transition Map NL
A highlight of Plant Forward 2024 was the global launch of the Protein Transition Map NL, an online platform designed to spotlight the myriad actors driving the protein transition in the Netherlands. With over 500 featured entities, this map provides invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of sustainable food production.

“This time, our success in averting a food system crisis is not just an option, but a necessity. I have full confidence in our ability to succeed, and I believe you do too.” – Jeroen Willemsen, Lead Protein Transition, Foodvalley

TPC’s Presence at PLANT FWD
Foodvalley’s contribution at PLANT FWD 2024 featured a keynote by Jeroen Willemsen, Foodvalley’s lead on protein transition, who underscored the urgency of preventing a food system crisis. He highlighted reasons for optimism, including:

  • Dutch Retailers and Catering Commitment: Many Dutch retailers and catering services have committed to transitioning to plant-based or hybrid products, with some even discontinuing fresh meat promotions, like Jumbo.

  • Innovation in Hybrid Products: The emergence of hybrid products, blending plant-based and animal-based ingredients, promises to expedite the protein transition. This innovation is reshaping the concept of Plantification, introducing fully or partially plant-based alternatives to beloved animal-based recipes, ingredients, or brands.

  • Your Role and Impact: Each attendee was emphasized as a pivotal player in averting a food system collapse by the end of the century. Jeroen stressed the significant individual and collective impact, urging attendees to unite in creating a resounding voice that resonates into the next era.

TPC Booth & Golden Bean Award
The event also featured a booth hosted by The Protein Community (TPC), a proud co-founding partner of Plant Forward 2024. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry experts and learn about initiatives promoting sustainable protein consumption. Moreover, the international Golden Bean awards were presented, with TPC community manager Leo Koning awarding the inaugural international Golden Bean to Tracye McQuirter, MPH, in recognition of her remarkable contributions to the Protein Transition in the USA and her advocacy for a vegan lifestyle.

See you next year?

TPC Network Event: Sharing is Caring, May 29

April 18, 2024

TPC Network Meeting: Sharing is Caring

Sign up now and discover how you can benefit from Shared Facilities, meet other TPC-partners & join the tour at NIZO’s new facility!

Date & Time: 29 May 2024, 14.45 – 17.30

Location: NIZO (Ede)


  • Strategic investments in shared facilities for scaling alternative proteins in The Netherlands: Join us to discover key findings from our study on scaling alternative proteins in The Netherlands. Engage in a stakeholder feedback session and explore opportunities for implementing your recommendations. Your involvement is vital in driving industry progress!
  • Presentation by Fred van de Velde (NIZO):
    Avoiding the valley of death: Lessons learned in upscaling alternative proteins
  • Get to know our newest TPC-partners: FoodHelden, Eurofins and Jonker & Schut
  • A follow-up and engaging discussion on the buzzing topic of Hybrid Products
  • Product Pitches: Present your new product/application/ingredient/technology!
  • Join a tour at NIZO’s SPRINT Facility (TPC-partner): a unique combination of expertise and food-grade scaling up facilities for dairy and meat analogues without compromise (14.15 p.m.)
  • Networking drinks & bites (17.00 – 18.00 p.m.)

TPC-partners can register via FoodleapThis meeting is only for partners of The Protein Community. Not a partner yet? Send us an email.

Join us at PLANT FWD!

April 3, 2024

Join us at PLANT FWD!

Plant Forward    |    23-24 April    |    2024 Amsterdam

Join us at Plant Forward 2024! PLANT FWD is a two-day event that brings together startups, brands, retailers, food service professionals, policymakers, investors, future talents, and other change-makers from across Europe. PLANT FWD aims to accelerate the shift towards plant-based proteins and collectively build a future that prioritizes plant-forward solutions.

Join us at Plant Forward 2024! Plant FWD is a two-day event that brings together startups, brands, retailers, food service professionals, policymakers, investors, future talents, and other change-makers from across Europe. Plant FWD aims to accelerate the shift towards plant-based proteins and collectively build a future that prioritizes plant-forward solutions.

Founding Partner
The Protein Community is proud to be a founding partner and is offering a substantial discount for all its partners. Secure your ticket for just €295 (discounted from €795). This exclusive offer is available until April 21st. Find it on Foodleap.

What to Expect?
Jeroen Willemsen, lead of protein transition at Foodvalley, returns as a keynote speaker, joining a dynamic lineup of thought leaders and experts in the field. Additionally, TPC will host its booth at the market, where the Protein Transition Map NL will be unveiled to an international audience. Join us in shaping the future of food at Plant FWD 2024. See you there!

Recap: TPC session on Hybrid Products

March 25, 2024

Recap: TPC Acceleration Session on Hybrid Products

During a recent event organized by The Protein Community, specialists in the field delved into hybrid products, addressing both obstacles and opportunities. 

Key insights:

  1. Innovation through Collaboration: The session commenced with Kees Pieters from the Provincie of Gelderland emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in fostering innovation within the hybrid products sector. The Protein Community acknowledges Kees’ contributions to advancing the protein transition, and Leo Koning, TPC manager, honored him with a Golden Bean award!

  2. Communication is key: Throughout the discussions, the importance of effective communication was underscored. Jeroen Willemsen (Foodvalley) presented various examples of hybrid products and their communication strategies. Some brands opt not to label their products as hybrid, while others highlight the ratio of plant-based to animal-based ingredients or emphasize reduced CO2 emissions compared to fully animal-based alternatives.
    Alice Pilkington (Mintel) suggests clearly communicating the advantages of hybrid products, focusing on aspects such as enhanced taste, health benefits, and environmental sustainability, rather than using percentages. She advises avoiding the term “hybrid” to position such products as less extreme while still emphasizing their meaningful environmental contributions.
  3. Market ready: Production of many hybrid products have stopped quickly. Was this due to ineffective communication or an unprepared market? Likely, it’s a mix of both factors. Alice Pilkington remains optimistic, suggesting that positioning hybrid products as a bridge between animal-based and plant-based diets could resonate with the increasing flexitarian demographic. She notes, “Ongoing media coverage on plant-based eating is continuing to fuel interest in plant-based eating and drinking long term.”

    During the session, a debate arose regarding whether hybrid products should have their own category in supermarkets or undergo a silent transition. Henk Schouten highlighted the challenge, as many consumers adhere to the mindset of “don’t mess with my meat,” potentially making hybrid products less appealing.

  4.  Innovate in action: Despite facing challenges, speakers emphasized several opportunities for hybrid products. Jan Vreugdenhil and Angelique Peterse (Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods) provided insights into their companies’ strategies for hybrid product development. These strategies range from co-manufacturing plant-based ingredients to re-imagining traditional recipes by incorporating plant-based alternatives.
  5. Many strategies possible: During the panel, participants explored obstacles impeding the acceptance of hybrid products, such as consumer resistance and misunderstandings regarding processing. To overcome these challenges and boost consumer acceptance, strategies like silent transitions, improved product labeling, and strategic placement in supermarkets were suggested. Rem van den Bosch (Seaburger) emphasized the significance of storytelling within the hybrid category, noting, “People purchase a brand, not just a specific product.”

Looking ahead

With the increasing demand for alternative protein products, the hybrid product market presents opportunities for innovation and collaboration. However, stakeholders encounter the challenge of fully realizing the potential of hybrid products. The session offered insights, fostered partnerships, and generated ideas to expedite time to market.

Jeroen concluded on an optimistic note, highlighting that Dutch caterers are targeting a 60/40 plant/animal protein ratio by 2030. This underscores the imperative of embracing hybrid solutions to meet these ambitious goals.


Insights from the Innovation Mission to Denmark

March 22, 2024

Insights from the Innovation Mission to Denmark

On March 17 – 20, 2024, Jeroen Willemsen (Innovation Lead Protein Transition at Foodvalley) and several TPC-partners went on an innovation mission to Denmark. This visit was planned with the goal to network and get inspired in the field of protein transition and was organized by the Province of Noord-Holland, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate and OostNL. This mission offered a chance to explore Denmark’s advancements in protein transition. This collaborative initiative, involving public and private entities, focuses on sharing knowledge and business opportunities within the protein ecosystem.

Some of our insights:


  • 43 Dutch participants joined, among which 18 TPC partners;
  • Round table with Dutch & Danish experts: ‘creating long term partnerships is key’. E.g. between producer and retailer, between the Netherlands and Denmark;
  • Product innovations at the Food Expo Herling:
    • Tempty: hybrid product combining Marlow-Ingredients’ Mycoprotein and Quinoa
    • PerfectSeason: vegetable burger with Danish roots


  • Agro Food Park Aarhus:
    • PlanetDairy: hybrid dairy – nondairy cheeses branded as Audu
    • Arla showcasing JÖRD (‘earth’), oat-based drinks and yoghurt
  • Danish Ministery for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries: round table on the Danish Action Plan on Plant Based Foods, including a multi-million Plant Based Food Grant.


Seven Danish Protein Transition-experts received a Golden Bean-pin as a token of appreciation for their protein transition work and the bond between the Netherlands and Denmark.

Next Innovation Mission: France
April 16-18, an trip to France is organised by RVO, exploring plant-based proteins for meat and dairy alternatives. 

Five new TPC-Partners Introduced

February 12, 2024

Five new TPC-Partners Introduced

At yesterday’s online session, we introduced five new companies to our community: Bodec, Traitomic, MUCHgroup, Alfa Laval, and Jamael. If you could not attend this session, watch our partners introduce themselves below! 

The session began with Jeroen Willemsen providing a brief overview of the CO-FRESH project, which involved 9 TPC-Partners.

Subsequently, each of the new partners delivered engaging presentations, offering insights into their backgrounds and company missions. They shared their aspirations for the community and outlined their specific needs. The session was very interactive, with the audience asking a lot of questions, fostering a valuable exchange of knowledge.

It was great to see TPC-partners connecting, with two partners having already scheduled a meeting together a few hours later!

Our next Meet The New TPC-Partner session will take place on May 8th. More information will follow.

For now, sign up for our next event: the TPC Acceleration Session where we will delve into the world of Hybrid Products. Spots to join on-site are limited, so make sure to sign up here!

Online New Year Meeting, Jan 10th 16.00 – 17.30 CET

January 12, 2024

Highlights: TPC New Year Event
January 10 2024, 16.00 - 17.30 CET

Thank you all for attending the TPC New Year Event! It was an engaging, interactive afternoon with many great guests and speakers. If you were not able to attend this event, you can watch the recording here. TPC-partners can find a file with slides in the Knowledge Base here.

Key Takeaways:

Upcoming TPC Events
Save the dates for our upcoming events:

  • Meet The New TPC-Partners on February 7 from 12.00-13.00 CET. Make sure to sign up here.

  • TPC Acceleration session: Hybrid Products: Gamechanger in Plant-Based? on March 22 from 09.00-13.00 CET at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods in Nijkerk. This is a hybrid event and you can sign up here.

TPC-partner discount for Plant FWD and Eiwittransitiedag

  • Plant FWD: 23 & 24 April in Amsterdam. We are able to offer our TPC-partners a discount for this event co-founded by TPC! Get your ticket for just €295 (discounted from €495-795. Get the discount code here.

  • Eiwittransitiecongres: March 14 in Kamerik.  TPC-partners will receive a 100 euro discount for this event! Get the discount code here.

New partner introductions
A warm welcome to our three new TPC-partners who introduced themselves – Studio FavaGrassa and Hain Celestial, each contributing uniquely to the alternative protein value chain.

Theme 2024: France

  • This year, TPC will focus on the theme France! Antoine Peeters  delivered a great presentation on the French Alternative protein market and the newly released report on this. To receive the report, please send an email to

  • A perfect example of a Dutch-French collaboration was elaborated on by Willem Spigt (Rival Foods) and Bruno Gehin (Roquette).

  • Additionally, Bert van der Heide revealed an exciting mission to France scheduled for April. If you are interested in joining this mission, you can register here.

Thank you all for such a great afternoon and stay tuned for more updates!

Protein Transition: Visit to Denmark 2024

January 2, 2024

Networking and Inspiration Visit to Denmark

We invite our TPC-partners to join us on March 17-20 (2024) on a visit to Denmark. This visit is planned with the goal to network and get inspired in the field of protein transition. This visit is organized by the Province of Noord-Holland, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate and OostNL. 

This mission offers a chance to explore Denmark’s advancements in protein transition. This collaborative initiative, involving public and private entities, focuses on sharing knowledge and business opportunities within the protein ecosystem.

The mission involves visits to key locations like the Food Expo in Herning, the Agro Food Park in Aarhus, and engagements with Danish government bodies, fostering valuable insights and networking opportunities.

TPC-partners can sign up and find more information here.

If you are not a TPC-partner but interested in joining, please send a message to Leo Koning.


Recognising Leaders in the Protein Transition

December 21, 2023

The Golden Bean Award

The Golden Bean celebrates those shaping the protein transition. Recently, Paul van Zanten was honoured for his impactful contributions at Inveja’s dry-processing factory. Alongside him, nine others received a Golden Bean in 2023, thanking them for their significant efforts in the Protein Transition!

Established in 2022 by The Protein Community, The Golden Bean recognizes people making great strides in accelerating the Protein Transition. The Protein Transition experts at Foodvalley NL select winners based on criteria like impact, collaboration, personal engagement, and innovation.

The symbolic Golden Bean pin serves as a catalyst for innovation and raises awareness, fostering collaboration within the protein industry. By linking the Golden Bean with positive change, it motivates individuals and organizations to explore inventive approaches. The award spotlights the significance of the Protein Transition and the achievements of those driving change.

The Golden Bean awardees excel in key aspects of the Protein Transition:

  • Becoming protein self-sufficient: establishing sustainable protein systems in specific regions, making locally produced goods desirable and accessible, and fortifying self-reliant ecosystems.
  • Shortening the time to market: introducing novel alternative protein products in evolving markets, positioning companies as innovators, and meeting the growing demand for sustainability.
  • Redefining the protein industry: embracing alternative protein choices, diversifying sources, and reshaping mindsets and operations from animal-based to plant-based in meat, dairy, and fish production.

In 2024, additional frontrunners in the protein transition will be honoured with The Golden Bean, further acknowledging remarkable contributions.

Take a look below at some of our Golden Bean Awardees! 

Presenting: our TPC video!

November 24, 2023

The Protein Community proudly presents its own video!

We are thrilled to share our own promotional video, which captures exactly what TPC stands for. Within it, the narrative of TPC unfolds, highlighting our three focal points: shorten time to market, redefining the protein industry, and becoming protein self-sufficient. For each theme, a TPC-partner was asked to define what it means for them, and how their company relates to it. A big thank you to our partners Jan Klawer of 1-2-Taste,  Floor Buitelaar from Bright Green Partners, and Marc Arts of GreenFood50, for contributing to our video and perfectly displaying the diversity our our community. 

This video was created by Misset Uitgeverij.