October 10th 2022: Online Masterclass Allergens. Changes & Impact for The Protein Community!

September 23, 2022

Online Masterclass Allergens. Changes & Impact for The Protein Community!

The Protein Community is organizing this “online only” event for our partners. Bregje Kroeze-Krebbers (Allergenen Consultancy) is the keynote speaker and will share her insights about (upcoming) changes in regulations about allergens and the impact to our food ecosystem. We will also have a large Q&A-session, where you can ask questions via the chat. 

Date & time

Mon, October 10th 2022, 16:00 – 17:30 CET



Who is invited?

All partners of The Protein Community (TPC)

Where to register

Partners can register via the newsletter or at foodleap.com (partner-only events)

Are you not a partner, but interested in attending the event? Please send a message to leo.koning@foodvalley.nl

3 November 2022 Foodvalley Partner event

September 23, 2022

November 3rd 2022 Foodvalley Partner event

We will also celebrate the fact that The protein Community was founded 5 years ago. Before this event takes place, TPC organizes a specific, in-depth acceleration session. We will combine the expertise from all the 3 innovation themes from Foodvalley and share the challenges and learnings. This session starts at 14.00h and will also take place in Wageningen Campus. More info will be announced soon, so please save the date.

Date & time

November 3rd 2022 from 14:00 – 16:00 CET (in-depth session) and from 16.00 – 19.00 CET (Partner event)


Foodvalley NL, Bronland 10F, 6708 WH Wageningen,  the Netherlands

Who is invited?

All partners of Foodvalley

Where to register

Partners can register via the newsletter or at foodleap.com (partner-only events)

Are you not a partner, but interested in attending the event? Please send a message to leo.koning@foodvalley.nl

Bean Deal signed by 20 partners of The Protein Community (TPC)

August 24, 2022

Bean Deal signed by 20 partners of The Protein Community (TPC)

On July 14 2022, 56 organizations signed the Dutch Green Deal Protein-rich Crops, also referred to as the Bean Deal. The aim of this Green Deal is to scale the cultivation, processing and consumption of Dutch protein-rich crops. To achieve this aim, the 56 signatories covering the entire protein value chain, from breeders and farmers till caterers and education, have committed themselves to numerous efforts.

Commitment to make the Bean Deal successful

Foodvalley initiated this Bean Deal and hosted the event at the Floriade. During the session, Marjolein Brasz (CEO Foodvalley and chairwoman of the Green Deal Stirring Committee) asked many organizations to talk about their commitment and efforts to make this Bean Deal into a success. Also, some video’s where shown, including a special message form Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation lead Protein Shift. After the signing and photo sessions, we had a walking tour around the Floriade and enjoyed a very tasty plant-based lunch at the Protein Pavilion.

Convert risky cultivation into a good revenue model

The Green Deal is part of the Dutch National Protein Strategy (Nationale Eiwitstrategie) launched in 2020, aimed at increasing the self-sufficiency of proteins. The Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality signed the Green Deal and emphasized its importance and urgency: `With this Green Deal, we are taking on a major challenge. It is now important that we turn our signatures into action. Together with all parties we can convert risky cultivation into a good revenue model and a beneficial crop for soil and biodiversity. `

Follow up in September

No less than 20 partners of The Protein Community (TPC) are also signatories of the Bean Deal, including a wide variety of companies and provinces. In September there will be follow-up sessions for the actual implementation of the Bean Deal.

If you want to know more about the Bean Deal, please contact Jeroen Willemsen or Leo Koning:

Document Green Deal Eiwitrijke Gewassen (PDF)

More than 100 partners joined our event ‘Redefining the protein industry’

June 9, 2022


Together with more than 100 Foodvalley partners, The Green East and Province Overijssel we held a hybrid Protein Community event about ‘Redefining the protein industry’. The event took place at The Green East, Raalte.

During the event, we looked back at the developments in the past five years within the protein transition. We also looked at the future, the role of sustainable energy and market data. Together we dove into the trends of meat replacements, technology shifts (what is the impact on existing machines and techniques?), plant-based dairy, new business models with locally produced products, self-sufficient, upgrading from raw materials to ingredients and connecting with processors. 



Demand for alternative proteins has skyrocketed in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue growing. This encompasses enormous potential for new business opportunities and sustainability alike. However, production demands higher quality ingredients, but availability of knowledge, technology and facilities lags behind. This roadblock is occurring more frequently throughout the entire chain, from resource production to processing and distribution, slowing the rate of new product introductions to consumer markets.


The Protein Community

In The Protein Community partners can partner up on ideas and find inspiration from each other. Foodvalley NL provides professional community management with proper scouting of new community partners, organising and preparing community sessions. Partners are informed on our latest initiatives and can provide direct feedback. On top of that they get access to our innovation platform, for facts and figures, partners, funding opportunities and facilities.

Interested in joining The Protein Community? Contact Leo Koning for more information.

The Protein Community has worldwide more than 100 TPC partners. As TPC partner, you’ll enjoy many benefits, such as matchmaking services with inspiring partners, capital, facilities, and in-depth events. Are you part of The Protein Community yet?

Programme announced of TPC event ‘Redefining the protein industry’

May 31, 2022


An exclusive The Protein Community event ‘Redefining the Protein Industry’ will be held on Thursday 16 June from 14.30 – 16.45 CEST, in cooperation with the province of Overijssel. Our TPC event will be hybrid. Protein Community Partners are most welcome to attend our event at The Green East, Drosteweg 6 – 8, Raalte. Please indicate at registration if you want to attend the event on site or online. Note: there is room for approximately 50 partners, full is full.
For partners attending the event online, a live video link will follow.




Jeroen Willemsen (Foodvalley) and Eddy van Hijum, Deputy at the Province of Overijssel

Deep dive into

1. Meat: The journey from a meat production company to a successful 100% plant-based meat analogues food group.

Bobeldijk Food group, Remko Vogelenzang

2. Dairy: What are the ingredients for product development and market introduction for new plant-based dairy products? https://bit.ly/3ts0rHT

Boermarke, Reynier Varvik

3. Technology: How to transform production facilities for meat and dairy products into high tech facilities for plant-based products?

GEA, Engeering for a better world, Gerben Kiers

4. Market Data: Facts and figures about plant-based products that Redefined the Protein Industry including future projections and trends.

Mintel, Global market research, Rick Miller (UK)

5. Local production: Production and development of plant-based products in high-tech laboratory.

The Green East, Erik Doorenspleet & Rubisco Foods, Sjoerd Jansen

Please note: this event is exclusively for TPC-partners and for relations from the Province of Overijssel.

If you are not a TPC-partner but would like to attend this event, please send an email to leo.koning@foodvalley.nl

In cooperation with:

Podcast: Listen to heart-to-heart conversations about the protein transition in the Netherlands

May 30, 2022


Foodvalley NL produces a series of podcasts in 2022. In this series, you can listen to candid conversations between different game changers on topics concerning a more resource-efficient, healthy and sustainable food system. With insights, tips and inspiration Foodvalley NL offers insights to professionals who want to work on the transition to a sustainable food system. What developments has the protein transition made in recent years? Where are we now? And what place will plant proteins have in the future? 

About the podcast series

Restoring the protein balance, towards a sustainable balance in the production and consumption of animal and plant protein. The ‘protein-rich’ Netherlands has been working on the protein transition since 2000. Efforts by all chain partners have helped accelerate the transition. The experiences, insights and visions offer support and inspiration for the future. What have we learned in the past 20 years and how can we shape the protein transition in the next 20 years? In short: 20 years of protein transition in the Netherlands, from 2000 to 2040.

Watch the recap video of our ‘Accelerating fermentation’ event

May 18, 2022


Fermentation is our future! In cooperation with BOM and Province Noord-Brabant, The Protein Cluster kicked off this year’s events with a hybrid event on the surprising world of micro-organisms. This recap gives you an impression of inspiring companies and food producers who tell about the latest fermentation techniques, flavours and innovations. Discover the science behind fermentation and learn how to start and grow your business. Watch the recap video below.

How Foodleap benefits you: join our introduction on 11 May

April 14, 2022


TPC partners are exclusively invited to attend the online introduction of our brand new platform Foodleap on 11 May from 10.00 – 11.00. Learn how Foodleap brings you the latest insights on market trends, potential clients and business opportunities like funding, accelerator programmes and open calls. Join our Foodleap introduction and discover how Foodleap benefits you. Register through our e-mail invitation.

Important: register max 2 persons from your organisation. Both people will receive login details for their Foodleap account after the introduction.

Save the date | Redefining the protein industry

April 6, 2022


An exclusive TPC event will be held on redefining the protein industry. Please save the date, 16 June, and keep the afternoon free in your agenda. More information will follow soon.

Fermentation is our future

March 22, 2022


Last week, in cooperation with the BOM and the Province of Noord-Brabant, we held our exclusive TPC event Accelerating fermentation. For the first time, we broadcasted our event live from a brewery: The Protein Brewery in Breda. The aim of the event was to explore the vast possibilities of fermentation. At the event, we heard from leading companies and food producers about the latest fermentation techniques, flavours and innovations. Together, we discovered the science behind fermentation and learned how to start and grow our business. 

A quick selection of quotes from some of the inspiring speakers: 

Bart Smit of FerMentor; “Knowing that there are so many amazing microbes, which can be applied to so many substrates in a range of processes; you can imagine that the solution space for fermentation experts to work with, is huge, giving many opportunities.”

Marieke Smidt of Duplaco: “The good news with fermentation is that we harvest every day. We are not dependent on weather conditions, climate conditions, we don’t have to put our production site on agricultural land. With very little space, we can produce a serious amount of algae and therefore also a serious amount of protein. And we can do that on a daily basis!”


What’s next?

Our next TPC event will be held on 16 June, 2022 on redefining the protein industry. Please keep 16 June free in your calendar. More information will follow.

Are you not a TPC partner but interested in becoming one and participate in our network and events? Please contact us.